About Us

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We've been designing websites for some eight years. We work mostly with small businesses - because we like to.

Getting a website used to be a nice optional extra - these days it's an essential.

Simply put, a website is one of the cheapest ways you can buy bulk advertising. It also adds a professional shine to your company. These days your customers expect to find out about your business through the internet.


You may be looking for a website that acts as a brochure - explaining what you do and attracting new business.

Equally you may be after a site to keep your existing customers informed of what you're doing - for example we do a number of pub websites where regular updates are critical.

We can also design e-commerce websites. Depending on your business we could help you reach whole new markets with your products.

We've designed for a huge variety of customers; Welders, hotels, pubs, curtain designers, hypnotherapists, bowling stores, window manufacturers, charities, motorcycle training schools, dance studios and phone card manufacturers to name a few.